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OpenPunks Mystery Box Continues to Trend with the Second Mystery Box Stage Set to List Tomorrow (Day 2) First Day sold out in 46 seconds

2021-10-22 12:07:02 UTCRead:39013

The second batch of OpenPunks was officially released at 06:00 on October 22nd. Prior to October 23rd, a total of 1650 OpenPunks mystery boxes will be released. The highest selling price in the secondary market has reached $1,888 USDT and the total transaction amount has exceeded 500,000 US dollars. OpenPunks sold out in 16 seconds and the community's buying frenzy is set to continue! OpenPunks' next batch of limited mystery boxes will go on sale at 06:00 on October 23rd, so stay tuned.

OpenPunks main page: https://www.gate.io/nft/collection/836/OpenPunks

The second sale starts: October 22, 2021 - October 31, 2021

Our rare NFTs will be auctioned at 01:00 UTC on October 23, and the mystery box will go on sale at 6:00 UTC.

Note: OpenPunks mystery boxes are very popular and the number is limited, please prepare in advance.

World premiere of the first batch of OpenPunks

The first 5,000 OpenPunks will be sold in the form of an auction + mystery box of which the first 200 works are officially reserved. 40 punks for each rarity will be reserved. The rarities are as follows; N, R, SR, SSR, and SP. OpenPunks#201—OpenPunks#400 are the official auction works, with a total of 200 pieces. The remaining 4,600 mystery boxes will be sold in three stages, at a unified selling price of $100 USDT (1% handling fee).

The second sale will start on October 20th and go on until October 31st with 150 to be listed daily for 10 days, adding up to a total of 1,500. The sale of the mystery boxes begin daily at 06:00 UTC.

Event Details:

1. Rarity deion:

OpenPunks is composed of multiple basic elements. Each element has a different classification attribute, and a specific degree of rarity. According to the degree of rarity, the order is: SP>SSR>SR>R>N

2. Works Auction

Auction rules: A total of 200 works will be auctioned. During the event period, each level of N, R, SR, and SSR will be listed(released) at two pieces per day. The SP level will be listed(released) every 3 days. The listing time is 1:00 a.m daily during the event period.

Community-driven avatar punks avatar collection

OpenPunks is the world's first community-driven Punks collection, dedicated to creating an open platform for Punks creators. Each OpenPunk is randomly generated and consists of four basic elements which are identity, hair color, skin, and occupation. Different classification attributes have a specific degree of rarity, and a few element features have more rare valuable attributes.

A total of 10,000 OpenPunks will be created and released. Each OpenPunks combination is unique, and the NFT avatar created through OpenPunks can be iterated. Every inspirational change the creator wishes to make can be updated at any time.

In order to solve the worries of creators, OpenPunks will be repurchased by Gate.io at the initial price one year after OpenPunks go on sale. At that time, if the value of the work is higher than the initial sale price, the owner of the work may choose not to participate in the repurchase plan. OpenPunks provide the ultimate platform for creators and collectors alike with minimal risk and minimal cost.

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Gate.io Team

Oct 22, 2021

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