About us

Gate.io was established in 2013 and it is one of the world's leading blockchain digital asset trading platform. While deeply cultivated in the industry for 7 years, we are devoted in creating a safe, stable, transparent and trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange. Ever since our establishment, we have always insisted on the principle: 'safety first, users first, no fraud, no evil, careful projects selection, and zero listing fee ' Gate.io has been selected multiple time as global top 10 for authentic trading volume, deposit volume, cybersecurity and transparency. As of 2020, Gate.io has become the very first mainstream blockchain asset trading platform that offers audited proof of 100% collateral.

Gate.io has a wide range of products and professional trading functions, while operating globally-spread business and technology services, Wallet.io, GateChain, blockchain research institute as well as other affairs. Via Web and APP platform, we are serving more than 3 million users scattered in 130 countries. On Coin Market, Gate.io provides trading and investment services for more than 400 trading pairs, with more than 6 million average daily visit volume and an average of approximately 400 million USD daily transaction volume.

Our Gate.io team have many years of blockchain experiences with our team’s key members being the top experts across various fields. At present, Gate.io has independent business and operating centers in China, South Korea, Canada, Singapore and many other countries.

We have
Professional and reliable team
Multilingual communication learning environment
Open career development channel
Highly competitive salary package
Diversified training model to support multi-directional development
You can
Build knowledge on blockchain and digital currency related fields
Gain a bigger development stage and show yourself
Cultivate compound thinking and enhance international vision
Witness the future of blockchain technology and walk at the front edge of the industry.
Recruit talent

Gate.io invites blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts join its team to embrace the challenges coming ahead and to witness the evolution of a thriving industry. Apply today and now!

Please send your resume to hr@gateio.me (title format: name + direction of application)